"The Orange Alternative" Foundation has existed since July 2007. One of the Foundation`s main goals has been to collect, preserve, describe and promote the history and heritage of the Polish legendary artistic and opposition movement from the 1980`s, that is worldwide known as the "Orange Alternative". Its other goals include among others: international artistic and cultural exchange, promoting art and artists, preserving natural environment and animal welfare. The principal registration numbers of the Foundation are:
REGISTRAR No: 0000285669
VAT: 1132686383
REGON: 141105280

"The Orange Alternative" Foundation operates in the field of culture under the supervision of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Its founders and members of the Board of Directors are:

1. Dr Waldemar "Major Fydrych (President of the Board), the creator and leader of the Orange Alternative movement,
2. Agnieszka Couderq (Vice-President), businesswoman and sinologist who holds a master degree in Chinese Studies of University of Warsaw.

From the beginning the headquarters of the Foundation have been located at the following address: ul. Nizinna 12 m 18, 04-362 Warszawa. The Foundation has engaged on a limited scale in business operations, for example it has run a publishing house. All the profits have been used to support the realization of its statutory goals.

Over the period of its existence the Foundation has often cooperated with public institutions, including Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, National Audiovisual Institute NINA and National Center for Culture, while executing projects and reporting on time to account for all public monies received for such activities.