Cooperation with SINICUM in Warsaw

As part of the "Michał Boym - Polish Marco Polo A.D. 2019" project, our Foundation began to cooperate with the Sinicum - Michał Boym Association (

Sinicum Association was founded in 2012 in Warsaw. Its honorary members include archibishop Celestino Migliore, the apostolic nuncio in Poland and archibishop Henryk Hoser, the diocesan of the Warsaw-Praga Diocese. Sinicum Association was created by a few persons who for years have been involved in working on behalf of the Catholic Church in China as missionaries or by receiving in Poland clerics and sisters from that country. It also publishes newsletters and books. The Polish "Chinese" group has been meeting regularly for the past ten years in Sulejówek, a small town next to Warsaw.

Sinicum aspires to cooperate in the spirit of solidarity with the people of China and to serve as a bridge in contacts between the Polish and the Chinese nationals, particularly in the fields of culture, religion and education. It suports all initiatives that aim at promotion of such cultural and religious exchanges and enrich the Polish Catholic Church with the cultural and religious experience of China.